I’m from Batch 9 in Jan 17 and it took me til now to write this review as I want to see the results after this course. I can confidently say that the course itself, the weekly insights of the market,and the discussion among the graduates have far exceeded my expectations. Kyaw, his trainers and the senior graduates takes the effort to discuss on potential pairs and that is extremely helpful. I have the confidence to take on trades and I am amazed by my results as I never had such profitable P/L before this course. Weekdays have never been more exciting for me.

Chen Daliang

I’m from Batch 14 and I’m going to review slightly differently since much of what I want to say has been said in previous 5 Star reviews.
Just a few things people contemplate before taking any course

– Is this course worth the time and money you pay?
– Will i make back my course fee?
– For beginner traders, is it too advanced for me?
– For advanced traders, is it too basic for me?

Well, the course is well structured and delivery from the trainers is solid.
It’s definitely worth the time and money, considering the fact Kyaw makes good on his promise that this is the last paid course you will need.

Can you earn back your course fee?
If you practice what you learn from them, it’s definitely achievable.
The after support is 2nd to none. The amount of hard work these guys put in everyday (with their analysis) is simply amazing. They also share some trades that they take so for guys with less confidence, you can see learn how they place their trades and possibly follow some of their ideas too.

Personally, if you are an absolute beginner trader, i would suggest for the couple of introduction courses they run. Its free or very very affordable I believe.
Then again, even if you attend and have doubts, they entertain each and every question you have. They also schedule weekly catchups (small groups)

If you are slightly more advance and been trading for a while, this course would suit you perfectly. It will bring you to the next level in trading. Plus, they teach a couple of things you won’t have seen elsewhere for sure.

In all, definitely an eye opening experience for me. I see the markets differently now and I’m fully enjoying all the webinars, daily analysis and support these guys provide.

Thanks for the massive amount of work you guys put in everyday!

Edwin Quek

There are many ways to run a trading business, similar to how there are many ways to run traditional businesses. It’s not 100% about whether a particular strategy is profitable or not, it’s more of the trader’s conviction and discipline to stick to his/her own edge while trading to see their edge play out. Sonic R Mastery Course has taught me a great way to trade and of course, seeing the trainers’ dedication to their own craft is proof that they are active traders themselves, and this discipline and attitude rubs off students as well.

Kyaw and Sonic R team have done excellent work in maintaining their conducive learning platform, with continuous updates to keep students current and grounded in day to day market conditions. After being granted access to the platform, I was able to self study the materials even before the course itself. The support materials are really that good.

What stood out the most to me, is their enthusiasm, patience and dedication to sincerely help students. This is evident in the frequent updates and consultation sessions where students can attend to seek help if they are stuck.

To sum it all, Sonic R Mastery Course has been an excellent experience for me and is instrumental in helping me find the missing piece in my own trading journey.

A great thank you to Kyaw and Sonic R team for your passion and dedication! Much appreciated!!

Chris Ng

Sonic method is simple, logic and effective. Importantly, Kyaw is very supportive after the course, he always answered my questions, he conducts webinar 4 times a week to explain how to apply the strategy which is very needed to strengthen my learning curve, especially after the course, I am still struggling to use the new method. I am so glad that I have attended the course. It enhanced my technical knowledge , taught me another new way of looking at chart. Thus, resulting in more profitable trades. Co-trainer James is also very supportive too. I can thoroughly recommend this course..

Peng GohMalaysia

I took a flight from VN to Singapore and stay there for 2 day course, and come back home without any regret. Intensive, informative and supportive – that’s all I can describe the content of this program and people who involved into it. Big thanks to Master Kyaw, James and other SRMT member

Tung TrinhVietnam

After attending the course, I feel more confident in getting into a trade without fear or greed.

The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable. They teach how to look at the chart and do the analysis to take the low risk entry with proper SL, how to manage your risk properly and how to control your emotions.

This course is highly recommended for traders who are still struggling to become profitable. The course was extremely informative & helpful.

The inner cycle group which is for the continuous support and guidance from the trainers after course is excellent with
daily discussion for the potential setups and weekly net meeting to prepare for the week ahead. Coaches and members are sharing their trade ideas with blow-by-blow analysis of charts. So the peers are making money as we are learning.

I’m sure you won’t feel regret after taking the course and you will never be the same trader again. It’s well worth!!

Zin Myo AungMyanmar

The best part of the course is continuous mentorship. And the methodology of the trading is understandable, not like any other trading method. Most importantly, Sonic R+ really producing result. High recommended for any traders.

Ryan TayMalaysia